Rocco Menaguale Fine Art
Rocco Menaguale Fine Art
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    Art created by way of careful connections of interstitial, 

    solid, semi-solid and void.


    Plank Series

    Wave Series

    The Rocco Menaguale Fine Art collection is a body of inspired original works where each piece transforms a client's individuality and vision into a striking statement with elegant details.

    Design Process

     Rocco Menaguale - "THE STORM"


    Artist Rocco Menaguale's draws his inspiration form clients' personalities as he creates. "...You can see pieces of them in there." This is a behind-the-scenes mini documentary on the creation of piece: "The Storm”.

     Rocco Menaguale - "THE EXUBERANT CALLING"


    In this piece, artist Rocco Menaguale explores the dynamic relationship between "...the law of attraction and pushing through fear...everything you're looking for shows up. And it shows up in ways you never dreamed." This is a behind-the-scenes mini documentary on the creation of piece: "The Exuberant Calling”.

    Rocco Menaguale Fine Art


    Rocco Menaguale Fine Art believes that works of art should not just enhance the environment but also have a life of their own allowing people to rediscover the piece over and over due to their intricacies and movement. Art that transcends. Art that has impact.


    Addison Taylor Fine Jewelry, 

    solo exhibition, Phoenix AZ, 

    2007 – present

    The Heard Museum 

    Art Link Juried Exhibition, 

    Group Exhibition, 2016

    1N10 Fresh Brunch Gala

    solo exhibition, Phoenix AZ, 2018